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What is Hope Links?

Hope Links is a set of 100 activity cards designed for use with middle school through high school youth. Hope sustains agency and is cultivated by skills and abilities that help us to discern and develop pathways to attain future goals. Because hope can be taught and learned, Hope Link cards facilitate discussions to help youth develop positive skills and abilities within three overarching domains. Each domain has a set of corresponding skills that allow for rich discussion and participation led by an adult facilitator and will work in a variety of settings.

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How Do I Use Hope Links?

cardsSelect a card that focuses on the domain and one of the 12 skills that meets the needs or interests of your group. Cards may be used in any order.
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Simply follow the instructions to link in pairs, quartets, whole group or speed link. Hope Links can be used with any size group.

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Give youth ample time to complete the activity.

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Debrief the activity as meets the needs of your youth.

The Domains & Skills

BELIEVE/Positive Expectations

Agency ● Self-Awareness ● Self-Efficacy ● Growth Mindset

CONNECT/Caring Relationships

Perspective Taking ● Respect for Others ● Social Awareness ● Sense of Belonging

TIME TRAVEL/Future Orientations

Clarifying Values ● Future Destinations ● Goal Thinking ● Pathways Thinking

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About Us

Hope Links was developed by the Center for the Advanced Study and Practice of Hope at Arizona State University. We develop innovative tools and strategies to enhance relationship-building abilities and to support the teaching and learning of hope. Hope Links were co-developed by Kenna Hough – Executive Director, Training and Development, Kids at Hope, and Teryl ann Rosch, Ph.D., Co-Executive Director, the Center for the Advanced Study and Practice of Hope at Arizona State University. We partner with organizations to cultivate hope and character strengths that will lead to measurable improvements in the well-being of children, youth, adults, and communities.