Child Care Early Childhood Form - Simplified Chinese Translation (儿童早期的简化形式)

The Child Care HOME (CC) Inventories are designed for use in family child care homes – this can include care by relatives or neighbors as well, so long as it is not the home where the child lives. Specifically, minor changes were made to the IT-HOME and EC-HOME so that they are more suitable for use in family child care type arrangements. The CC-HOME is not designed for use in child care centers. The domains covered in the CC-HOME are the same as those in the original IT-HOME and EC-HOME. When ordering a version of the Child Care HOME, please make clear the age of the children being assessed. Each packet includes forms applicable only to a single age group (0-3 for the CC-HOME adapted from IT-HOME, and 3-6 for the CC-HOME adapted from EC-HOME).


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