Comprehensive Manual

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Comprehensive Manual

The comprehensive manual provides a detailed description of the development of the HOME Inventory. It also contains detailed information on how to administer and score all five age-based versions of the Inventory (Infant-Toddler HOME, Early Childhood HOME, Middle Childhood HOME, Early Adolescence HOME, and Late Adolescence HOME), all 12 age-based versions of HOME that have been adapted for use with families having children with disabilities. The latter versions include adaptations of the Infant-Toddler HOME, the Early Childhood HOME and the Middle Childhood HOME for developmental delay, auditory impairment, vision impairment, and orthopedic impairment. There is also a list of references pertaining to HOME in the comprehensive manual. The standard manual also includes ten tables: (a) one for each of the five basic versions of HOME giving descriptive statistics for each dimension and the total HOME (5 tables),(b) one for each of the two age-based Care versions of HOME (2 tables), and (c) a table depicting descriptive statistics each for all four types of adaptations made for children with disabilities related to the Infant-Toddler HOME, Early Childhood HOME, and Middle Childhood HOME (3 tables). Each table includes a list of references for the particular version of HOME depicted in the table. Finally, the manual includes score forms for all versions of HOME (19 score forms).


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