Disability Adapted Forms (prices available on request)

Disability Adapted Forms

The Disability-Adapted HOME Inventories are designed so that they are more suitable for use in homes where children with disabilities are present. Specifically, the IT-HOME, EC-HOME, and MC-HOME were adapted so they can be used with children with either a developmental delay (significant cognitive limitation), a hearing impairment, a vision impairment, or a psychomotor impairment. Separate adaptations were made for each type of disability. Thus, there are a total of 12 types of forms available: one for each of the four types of disabilities in each of the three age groups covered. The domains included for children with disabilities are the same as those covered for the respective age groups associated with IT-, EC- and MC- HOME Inventories. When ordering a version of the Disability-Adapted HOME, please make clear what disability is of interest and the age of the children being assessed. Each packet includes forms applicable only to a single type of disability at a single age group.