ECOtarot Deck

In the ECOtarot deck standard archetypes and interpretations from the original tarot are updated to reflect contemporary actors, values and symbols from our climate drama.

Originally created to support artist and ASU professor Adriene Jenik's public "climate future readings," the ECOtarot deck is now available for individual purchase.

The ECOtarot deck's beauty and power is derived from the use of handmade, plant-based paper, natural pigments and symbols. This reproduction is faithful to the original cards.

Interpretations of the cards are drawn from

  1. scientific knowledge and modelling (drawn from IPCC reports and vetted by climate scientists)
  2. philosophical texts that argue for new values necessary to support our continued life on this planet (cooperativeness, simplicity, temperance, mindfulness, respect for nature)
  3. activities of ecological heroines throughout the ages
  4. knowledge of the meanings of the tarot as passed down through languages and centuries.

Box Includes:

1 - Instruction Booklet with interpretations of all cards and references
78 – full color ECOtarot cards (40 minor arcana, 16 court cards, 22 major arcana)


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