Project Connect


The purpose of Project Connect is to develop, test, and disseminate evidence-informed programs and products that support schools, families, and the community in helping individuals to build positive and effective connections with one another that promote successful learning, development, and well-being.

Project Connect is founded on the idea of developing evidence-informed products and materials that empower children and youth by enhancing their relationship-building abilities. Project Connect is about making 'connections' with diverse individuals, diverse ideas, and diverse ways of engaging the world.

For the Classroom (and Beyond)

Link Up

Link Up is a set of strategies that create rich opportunities for children and youth to interact, learn from, and form positive connections with one another.

Class Links

Class Links is a set of collaborative activity cards designed specifically for middle school teachers to facilitate rich student engagement.


Professional Development

Project Connect is creating teacher professional development that provides rich interactive learning experiences on a variety of critically important topics. Learn more about our Transgender Education Program.