The Z Book Series (Pre-K & Kindergarten)

The Sanford Harmony Program Z Books

The Sanford Harmony Program® (SHP) Z book series is comprised of 5 volumes of original storybooks (22 storybooks in all) that serve as a foundation to explore key relationship concepts with children in the early childhood years (Pre-K-Kindergarten). Storybook themes reflect young children's everyday experiences and center on a group of young friends who play together in a tree house at the park and a lovable alien named Z whom they help learn about life on earth and getting along with others. Children identify with the characters' emotions and ideas and participate actively in constructing positive solutions (such as when they "teach" Z), which they can then generalize to their own experiences in the classroom.

The SHP Z book series is printed full color and coil bound for convenience, allowing the full-page story pictures to face the students while the teacher has access to the story content. At the end of each story, ideas for guided discussion and activities related to the stories are provided for teachers.

Themes Include:
    Unit 1 – Diversity and Inclusion
    Unit 2 – Empathy and Critical Thinking
    Unit 3 – Communication
    Unit 4 – Problem Solving
    Unit 5 – Peer Relationships

The SHP Z book series is deal for teachers, school libraries, homeschoolers and parents.

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The Z Book Series (Pre-K & Kindergarten)